K95 for elk?

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Re: K95 for elk?

Post by stokesrj »

I can speak to the rimed vs rimless concerns on the K95. I understand the draw to rimed calibers for break open guns. However after owning both and using both, there is no issue with the K95 handling rimless cartridges. It does such a good job on the rimless calibers that I will continue to choose readily available rimless calibers over obscure rimmed calibers as my primary hunting calibers. But 22 Hornet is still my favorite of favorites.

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Re: K95 for elk?

Post by secondtry »

I won't disagree with Bob on rimmed/rimless, and I have both also. :D

7x65R is very popular everywhere, except apparently in the US :( It is rapidly pulling away from the 7x57R in ammo sales and is a beautiful (I'm biased) choice for a 60cm barrel K95. Brass is available, but apparently not in the US, from Lapua, RWS, Norma and others. Recoil is not obnoxious, unless one uses full power hand loads of RL19 and RL22 with 160 and 175gn projectiles; and it certainly is effective on game.

But I would not choose 7x65R for the 50cm bbl of a Stutzen. 56/60 grains of powder down such a short, small hole is not good for blast or efficiency.

Much as I love the 7x65R in the 60cm barrel, I cannot think of a better choice for a Stutzen than the (rimless) 308W. I continue to be surprised by how pleasant the 308 can be to shoot in a short light rifle, particularly a Stutzen. After being a 308 hater for well over 30 years, I am now a convert.

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