What Handguns Do You Own

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by eskimo36 »

I own custom single actions in multiples from 22lr to 500 Linebaugh. I think I have every normal caliber in between. Other than those I have a couple of contender/encores and SIG365 that I carry.

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by Perdizhunter »

My list :

S&W 15 -2 in
S&W 686 -6 in
S&W 617 -8 in
S&W 41 - 5 in
S&W 686 PC 7X - 2.5 in
S&W 629 - 6.5 in
S&W 629 PC - 2 5/8 in
Taurus 85S
Taurus Raging Bull 454 Casull - 8 in
S&W 500 PC - 10.5 in
Glock 19 G5

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by ebrownw2 »

I never had much use for them. Even the ones I have, I never shoot. I have a Ruger MKIII and a couple of Buckmarks in 22lr, three Keltic PMR30s in 22wmr, and some sort of little compact S&W 380 I bought the wife to carry while she is out running. I'm not one to carry. I keep a rifle and a shotgun in my truck. I have a Mossberg shockwave 12 gauge in the nightstand by my bed.

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by analog_peninsula »

I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not entirely sure how many I own. It’s not a ridiculous number, probably in the teens somewhere. I’ve got a suppressed Buckmark that’s a joy to shoot, a 6” S&W 17 that’s just as nice, a couple Seecamp mouse guns for permitted carry, an Ed Brown 1911, and maybe four hunting handguns from a 7mm IHMSA to a 10.5” .460. Anyway, I pretty much enjoy shooting anything that goes bang, from air rifles to shotguns to elephant guns.

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by Gamsjagd »

I have only owned a 629 and a couple of 1911s.

I am really interested in owning an X series Smith, but I have zero idea of what they are actually like to shoot.

Not sure 500 Smith or 360 Smith.

Also interested in the Magnum Research BFR. Still not sure. Want to try the 30-30, and 45-70.

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by analog_peninsula »

I owned a BFR in .500 S&W. It was very well made and exceedingly accurate, but very, very muzzle heavy. The short cylinder BFRs are much better balanced. I bought it to hunt a bison, but my kids moved out and I realized that a bison produces at least 300 lbs of hamburger which my wife and I could never finish on our own. So I sold it.

The performance center.460 is a very polished offering, well designed and a pleasure to shoot. Without taking anything away from the BFR, I like the S&W a bit better. I also recently acquired a scoped Freedom Arms 83, but I’ve only fired target loads in it so far, but it seems just as nice as advertised.

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by D16er »

Prior to owing a Blaser I was a big Handgun guy, lately I have sold the majority of my handguns and have kept ones I shoot well with. I stopped seeing Handguns and all firearms as shiny cool objects and started seeing them as tools. I have the following but as time goes as my shooting preference changes/evolves im sure ill buy and sell.

M&P 2.0 (Newest handgun I am trying out)
Glock 19 Gen 4 (Cant go wrong with a G19)
Glock 48 MOS (CCW)

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by Chamois71 »

S&W 19, 686, 640; all .357/.38
Glock 19, 43; 9mm
Glock 31, 32; .357 Sig
High Standard HD military.22
Colt series 70 Government.45

In 29 years of carrying a shield/service weapon these are the staples and get the job done; 9 years of .357 mag Smith and the past 20 with Glock 31. Used to have a bunch more in various configurations/calibers, but pruned the handgun tree!

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Re: What Handguns Do You Own

Post by buddygun »

This is a late reply I know but just started looking at this we’d sight again
I’m a very avid handgun hunter. Therefore I have too many handguns to list. (46 guns)I would like to share this, for africa I always take my Smith and Wesson performance center 500 for here in the US I primarily use a twin do the 500 only in a 460 Smith. For my carry gun I use a Kimber micro nine.

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