Barrel questions

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Barrel questions

Post by MM »

For Turkey I exclusively use the Federal Heavyweight TSS 3” loading with 13/4oz of #9 shot. Has anyone researched what the optimal barrel length is? Second question is who makes the best choke for this shell with the flight control wad? Last question is what is the optimal constriction for the choke? I am thinking somewhere between.660-.665

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Re: Barrel questions

Post by SPEEDY »

Those flight control wads usually like a more open choke, they do the work so the choke doesn't have to.
But beyond that it's impossible to predict what choke will work best as there's no way to know as each shotgun barrel and choke combination is a bit of a law unto itself.

The only way to know is to pattern test your gun and hope you find a magic combination.
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Re: Barrel questions

Post by Chamois71 »

To mirror what Speedy said, we had used Speer and now Federal LE tactical buckshot; both used flightwads. With 18” and 21” cylinder barrels we could keep the pattern in a TQ-19 and B-27 human silhouette target out to 40-45 yards!!...our original loading was stringing pellets out of the targets at 25-30. To further illustrate the tightness, we qualify with this tactical buckshot at 20 yards and with some barrels it almost looks like the guys are shooting slugs!

Do some patterning and find the load it likes! I used to be able to get unfinished rolls of unprinted (white) from a local newspaper to print shotshells real cheap.

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