Barnes TTSX 130gr and 30-06

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Barnes TTSX 130gr and 30-06

Post by JohnCZ »

Hi all
I have a Blaser R93 in 30-06 and I have been considering with the idea of using the Barnes TTSX 130gr bullet on Fallow deer at stalking ranges. I usually load Hornady SST 150gr over 57 grains of AR2209 and that has worked well at moderate ranges.
Considering the short barrel on the Blaser (22.7") I have AR2206H (H4895) & AR2208 (Varget) available, has anyone loaded for these and tried them on small to medium deer? (Barnes recommends both of these powders)
I have loaded the Barnes TTSX 168gr in my 300WbyMag @ 3280fps but have yet to try that on game.


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Re: Barnes TTSX 130gr and 30-06

Post by slugslinger »

I haven't used that combination of 30-06 and 130g bullet - it should be screaming MV.
But Barnes bullets like high velocity to mushroom well, and you'll surely get that with that 130g bullet from a 30-06.
Also be careful about the jump or leade which tends to be higher for Barnes bullets - Barnes website can give you specifics.

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Re: Barnes TTSX 130gr and 30-06

Post by SPEEDY »

Strangely enough, I get better bullet expansion and quickest kills with the 150gn TTSX then I do from the 130gn TTSX.
My barrel on the K95 is a bit shorter then that, but I get similar velocity from both bullets too. I think there's only around 85-100fps between them but the 150gn has better SD/BC and energy.
I use Reloader 17 myself but if those are your two choices I'd probably go the AR2208 myself, although I'd plug both through QL to get me in the ball park.
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Re: Barnes TTSX 130gr and 30-06

Post by Olsen »

Shot 1 fox and 8 roe bucks, with TTSX 130 grain, but in 308, they works perfect. From 18 to 205 meter, no problem :clap:

Used to shoot GMX, but cant get them here anymore, and the new CX is still not here, so now Barnes TTSX, and they work great :dance:

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