K95 308wn

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Giovanni k95
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K95 308wn

Post by Giovanni k95 »

I have a recently purchased k95 308wn ultimate 60mm barrel. I still haven't found the grouping that I like. I've been to the range and it seems to shoot better with OAL 71. The eld mach 168 widens them more than the 168 A-max. 42grains of n140. I'll try to increase a grain and see if this improves. I accept the advice and I apologize for writing with the translator. I am Italian. Thanks in advance too.

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Re: K95 308wn

Post by analog_peninsula »

Welcome to the board! Have you tried other bullet weights to see whether your rifle prefers them? Each rifle is very much a law unto itself.

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Re: K95 308wn

Post by SPEEDY »

Match bullets can be finicky in hunting rifles, is it going to be used for hunting or for target shooting?
You might be better off dropping the bullet weight down to the 150gn class, although I have had great results from 165gn bullets, they seem to shoot better for me then 168gn ones do, probably because they are less streamlined and a bit more forgiving to load.
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Re: K95 308wn

Post by stokesrj »

In Italy, if you can get N135 and Berger 175 gr OTM I can tell you that many of the worlds snipers that use a 308 use this combination and specifically at 2650 fps at the muzzle from a 26” barrel. This usually takes 40.6 grains.
The 175 OTM is a Tangent ogive which is very jump tolerant and easy to tune.
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