ZEISS ZIATAL-Z 8x56 T value

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ZEISS ZIATAL-Z 8x56 T value

Post by sjs52 »

How old might this optic be? I’m looking at S&B new at $1150 from Eurooptics and this one is on on GB for $692,
I know the Zeiss is an excellent optic but am i better off buying new one?
Found and S&B 8x56 with illuminated reticle on GB, I’m still bidding and another S&B without illumination on another site for around $500.
Using for coyote.

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Re: ZEISS ZIATAL-Z 8x56 T value

Post by MM »

I have some Zeiss 2.5-10x50 scopes available. In my opinion a much more versatile option. PM me if interested and I can send you some pictures

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